Thursday, 22 August 2013

Thursday Things

This week I feel like I've spent more time on the internet than ever before. I'm winding down at work as I finish next Friday and have some how managed to work like an absolute machine and still find interesting things to read about in between time.

Source: Twitpic
1. I'm very geographically challenged when it comes to knowing where things are in the world (yep, at 22 that's pretty bad!) This blew my mind.

2. I'm the worst when I've got a hangover; I go from the 'oh my god I'm dying' stage, to the weepy stage, to the hyperactive stage then back in a massive slump again. This is great!

3. Surprisingly after three years of constant reading at uni, I still love it...possibly more now than ever. Apparently these books are life changing!

4. Possibly one of the coolest things I've seen on the internet recently.

5. Strategic food construction - I like it!

6. It's always sad when a friendship comes to an end; apparently 'phasing out' is a thing!

7. Tell me allll of the secrets! Love, luck - secrets would be good!

8. Those honey bees again. They need our help, they're pretty special.

9. Crazily remote places that look incredible!

10. Is Facebook making us unhappy? Sat starting at a computer screen talking to your cyber friends? Hmm.

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