Friday, 13 September 2013

Bangkok: day 2

We arrived in Bangkok yesterday after a loooong journey here - 7 hours from Birmingham to Dubai, a 3 and a half hour wait, 6 and a bit hours to Bangkok. When we arrived here, we then had a 20 minute sky train and a 15 minute bus trip...after ALL of that and only a few hours sleep, we arrived at Chada hostel on Khao San Road.

Now, I've never stayed in a hostel so had no idea what to expect. I'd built myself up to thinking it would be pretty grim but we arrived to a lovely little place. The reception area had an upper level of bean bags and cushions as seating (something which I always prefer to sofas etc) and a little area with tables. Our room was right next to reception and as we were let in, I had to let out a is of relief - it as actually a really nice room. For 6 pounds a night (each) we got a three bedroom room with our own bathroom that was clean and even had big flat screen tv in the wall (something I definitely didn't expect!). It had everything we would need and for that price, you can't really complain!

We had a little half an hour rest to attempt recovery from our long journey here and then headed out in Khao San Road to check out the market, get some Pad Thai and for a well deserved foot massage!

I am terrible when it comes to markets - I could spend a fortune because everything is so cheap! Food stalls, clothes, scorpions on sticks - everything from normal to weird and wonderful! We didn't bother buying anything from the markets because we were that hungry! I read about a road parallel to Khao Sam called Soi Rambuttri which is said to have much nicer street food, so we headed there in search of Pad Thai. Our search didn't go on for too long and we were soon sat, PT in front of us. For three meals and a big bottle of water it came to 95 Thai baht, which is absolutely nothing! I can never quite get over how cheap the food is here!

After food, me and Katie had our foot massage which was more hilarious than relaxing. For 120 baht you get half and hour, including a head and neck massage. The place we went to was called Pink and, although only one of the ladies spoke fairly good English, you could tell how nice staff were. For, there we decided a toast to our trip was needed and there's only one thing for that - COCKTAILS! We found a nice little bar down the road and headed in to see what fruity treats we could find! One thing I love about Thailand is their custom of taking your shoes off as it is a sign of disrespect to wear them indoors. As well as that, they're all about low level tables with cushions or bean bags to sit on - amazing! This is definitely something I want when I have my own house!

The cocktails were great! From there we had decided to head back to the hostel...but that didn't happen! A drunken Australian and Londoner started talking to us and we ended up back on Khao San with a hell of a lot of beer. We were joined by a welsh guy and two lovely girls from Colorado! We ended up a little worse for wear but no, we didn't stop there. The three of us and the two girls fromColorado ended up back at the hostel, getting changed, predrinking and heading out to a club.  And that's when the blur started...

I haven't a clue what the time was when we got in but at 4am we were awoken by a knock on the door - Vicky and Nadia had arrived yay! 

We managed to get a few more hours sleep and I spent most of the morning in a pathetic state due to the ridiculously cheap Chang and cocktails! All we've done today is hit the market and splurge out on the Thai goods! I got the usual girly stuff - ankle bracelets, floating trousers, a top and some flipflops - all an absolute bargain. We've been chilling in the hostel this afternoon as Luka has been feeling the need to lay down! 
We now have a 12 hour train to catch to Phuket - I can't wait to get on the beach and get my tan on!

Bangkok definitely isn't my favourite place in the world, cities like this never are but it's always great to start a trip in a place like this!

I can safely say after two days that coming travelling is without a doubt the best decision I've ever made and I couldn't be doing it with four better people!



  1. Wonderful blog and liking your yummy pasta x

  2. Thailand is wonderful. Phuket is lovely I highly recommend going snorkelling off one of the smaller islands. Such a beautiful part of the world! Enjoy :)

    Lana |