Friday, 20 September 2013

Day 2 Phuket and Day 1 Phi Phi

For the rest of our second day in Phuket we had a long walk down to the beach to meet Nat (Vic and Nad's friend) and her teacher friends. After a bit of sunbathing, paddling in the sea and walking along the  beach, the sun started setting so we made our way back to the hostel.

Us being us, we had to stop for food on the way! We decided on a restaurant close to Kata Noi beach that offered a small discount on a Sunday plus free soup as salad. 

I had chicken satay and shrimp fried rice

So nice! All in all the food, a fruity iced drink and a bottle of water cost me 400 baht which is £8 - erm, bargain?!

From there we walked back via the night markets and called it an early night before our 7am boat to Phi Phi

Vicky had been telling us how much we would love Phi Phi so we we very excited. Compulsory 9am Chang's for the journey...

The journey was so nice! And much, much hotter than we had anticipated so we got in a good couple of hours of sunbathing! 

We cruised by Maya Bay which got us VERY excited for our trip there tomorrow for snorkelling, swimming, sunbathing and a well renowned sunset! Although it is very touristy because of The Beach being filmed there, it looks amazing and definitely something I don't want to miss out on.

After seeing that beautiful sight, we arrived at Phi Phi...

Wow! The view from our hostel.

Our hostel is called Blanco and is smack bang on the beach. It's as basic as expected for £6 a night - 6 bunk bed  room with fans and shared showers/toilets but as we hardly spend time in the room it seems plenty to pay. We definitely spoilt ourselves staying on Kata Gardens so anything seems like a downgrade now!

This afternoon we've been kayaking and found the most beautiful, 'unspoilt' beach about a half hour kayak from our beach.Unfortunately none of us took a camera incase we capsized!

Right now, we're chilling at the hostel, looking out to see, daiquiri in hand.

Tonight we're heading out for more yummy food and drinks. We've already spotted cocktail buckets for 140 baht (around 3 pounds)! So I expect to have a pretty sore head on the boat to Maya Bay. But hey ho, all part of the party islands I guess!

On Wednesday we head to Koh Phangan for Full Moon - pre party, the event itself and a recovery day. After that the plan is Koh Samui and Koh Tao...possibly Koh Lanta too depending on travelling time as we don't want to stray to far from Cambodia as that's the next stop after Thailand.

Any Samui/Tao/Lanta recommendations, please let me know!


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