Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Feeling

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I think this week has possibly flown by quicker than any working week of the past year. I probably shouldn't say this but I'm thoroughly enjoying unemployment; it's so, so nice to have time to myself, to do little jobs around the house and to see my friends and family.

This week, I will admit, has been quite tough - I've had to say a few goodbyes and I'm quite teary, especially tonight. Tears aside, this is my weekly positive post and I lie sharing it with you.

1. I had my first Monday that didn't involve 'the Monday blues' - instead it involved,a lovely little trip to Hathersage with my Mum for tea and cake and a trip to see her two best friends. 

2. I love it when signs of autumn start to poke through - its getting darker that little bit earlier, chunky knitwear is appearing everywhere and it's getting slightly cooler. I'm disappointed to be missing the English autumn, all wrapped up in a cosy cardi, hat, boots and my favourite Barbour scarf.

3. This week I had a few days away to say another goodbye. Weirdly, I do feel like this one has and will be the most difficult and it's the one that's made me a little teary. I haven't known this person very long at all and I definitely didn't think it would be possible to grow attached to somebody in such a short amount of time but I feel very at ease with myself because of this new found acquaintance. I've laughed and smiled so much over the past few days and feel sad to put our time together on hold for 'x' amount of time but I know this isn't necessarily a permanent goodbye. I've had the loveliest few days!

4. Tonight I've been out for a meal with my family as a kind if 'last supper'. The food was absolutely delicious which I do always expect from my favourite restaurant but they really excelled themselves tonight. I devoured a starter of goats cheese, beetroot, pesto and rocket starter followed by smoked haddock with leek and cheese sauce, mashed potato and seasonal vegetables. Mmm!

5. I've managed to pack this week which is one big sigh of relief. I can't believe I leave in less than a week!

6. During our trip to Chatsworth at the weekend I came across the most beautifully comfortable cardigan! It was a real bargain and is the nicest navy blue chunky knit! I think it may need surgically removing soon!

7. The Great British Bake Off has been back on our screens for a few weeks now and truly is my guilty pleasure. I love Mel & Sue's humour!

8. 'Fake' candles are genius! My dad bought some Phillips battery operated candles that look so real when 'lit'. We've had them on top of the log burner for the past week and they're really relaxing.

9. I can't help but get a little excited over my next planned bake - Rolo Cookies! They sound toooo good! I might even throw some pecans in there for a bit of somethin' somethin'!

10. So...I've mentioned food a few times in this post. Safe to say I have a huge love of food, isn't it? I've had some yummy food while I've been away this week! It's really, really satisfying when you have a meal out and thoroughly enjoy it! I recently read of A Rosie Outlook that she has been out and been rather disappointed by the meal experience - I can completely understand this! You feel cheated if the eating out experience is not up to scratch!

Now, this time next week I will be in Bangkok and soon venturing down to Phuket. - SCARY! I'm not sure how regular my posts will be, what they will be like...everything is unknown! I'm hoping blogging from my iPad will be fairly easy to get used to as well!

Have a fabulous week!


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