Sunday, 8 September 2013

Hello Autumn!

Cosy socks, duvet day, chunky nights, copious amounts of tea - it's here!

Autumn seems to have shown its face earlier than normal but I truly love this season. There's nothing better than getting wrapped up to go for a walk or having a lazy day at home, wrapped in your duvet watching films (or Breaking Bad in my case, which I have got ridiculously engrossed in!)

Today I've been doing some more travel research; today's conclusion? Planning is overrated...
I'm going to have in mind the things I definitely don't want to miss and just go with the flow! No planning is half of the fun, right?

I do feel like I've been a little lazy with my blogging recently - I have been so busy! But, good news - I have a few yummy recipe posts coming up soon - some of which I'm going to schedule for later in the week while I spend my first few days in Thailand! Yep, later on in the week I will be in Thailand, eek! I'll let you in on a little secret - I'm getting a little nervous and overly sentimental about leaving, shh!


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