Sunday, 15 September 2013

Phuket: Day 1

The trip from Bangkok to Phuket was eventful to say the least. We decided to get an overnight train - 12 hours for near £12 which included a sleeping bunk. From there, we arrived at Surratani, executing a short bus ride to Phuket but were instead answered with '5 hours' when asked how long! Waaaah! From there we spent a long time arguing/bartering with a very rude Thaian who was basically trying to rip us off. See, eventful! 

The train itself was an experience! I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but the system they had was pretty good. Unfortunately we ended up in a fan only (no AC) carriage which meant 12 sweaty hours of trying to get some sleep! It went pretty quickly and we managed to get a little bit of rest!

The 5 hour bus journey seemed to completely drag, although we did meet a few guys from Manchester that made the journey feel a little shorter! The driver allowed everybody a 15 minute break which allowed us to go in search of food! In the middle of nowhere, from a street stall is where I tried my first sticky pork bun...which I'm still not too sure about' but I've been there, tried it, debated whether I liked it and am still contemplating a second try...just to be sure! 

The most irritating part was the mini bus to where we were staying! The guy was a complete idiot, trying to overcharge us for a short journey! He then refused to drop us actually at the hostel! By this point it was mid afternoon and boiling hot so walking around with our backpacks on was not really what we wanted! All I could think about was jumping in the pool.

So we arrived at the hostel recommended to us to find no rooms available! We then spent a good hour traipsing up and down the road to try and find a hostel that would allow five of us to share two rooms. After a lot of walking and sweating, we found...

Kata Garden Guest House. Yep, we splurged a bit - still only around £9 a night but expensive in comparison to what we wanted to spend! But at this point we didn't care and the place is pretty amazing! Two pools, the comfiest beds, big rooms and the nicest showers with big ceiling shower heads! The lovely Filipino man on reception was eager for us to stay so dropped the price quite a bit which was great! Right now it's pretty quiet here as it's the down season which is making it even nicer!

When we finally got in our rooms and got our bags in, we were straight in the pool for a well deserved cool down. Moral of the story? Get a bloody flight from Bangkok to Phuket!!! It would definitely been a whole lot easier and it probably would have cost us the same to fly as it did with our 18 hours of transport! But a lesson learned for the future! AND book a hostel before you get to the place to avoid a lot of unnecessary sweating/lugging your backpack around with you! 

Nadia and Vicky have a friend teaching over in Phuket so we arranged to meet her and her friends last night for
Drinks and a bit of a reunion for those three! We got a tuk tuk (which you HAVE to do if you're here, even if they make you fear for your life at times!)

We met them at banana bar where we decided to have some food! I ended up with Green Thai Curry which was yummyyyy!

The food is definitely right up my street here and it is SO cheap! 120 baht for a big portion that kept me full all night (until I drunkenly ended up in 7 eleven at 4am!)

We met everybody else at the bar across the street after we had eaten and started drinking. The strongest rum and cokes are about 40 baht and WOW are they strong! The bar itself was entertaining and I had to stop myself staring at the lady boys! They absolutely fascinate me; amazing bodies, bums and boobs!

From there we went to had a look at Nat's house which was so cheap for such a nice place! We then made our way to Laguna for drinks and dancing. Lots of fun! The Thai people were fascinated by Luka and Katie and danced with us on and off all night. 

So now, day 2 of Phuket - less hungover than day 2 of Bangkok but still a wee bit fragile! Definitely need to lay off the rum and cokes for a few days! A few sore heads and no intention of getting up when our optimistic 8am alarms went off telling us it was time to get our tans on!

Currently, we are all sprawled out around the pool. It's boiling hot, just us round the pool and I couldn't be happier or more relaxed. Definitely enjoying a life of unemployment and permanent holidaying!

For the time being I'm only uploading my iPhone/iPad pictures as I'm yet to transfer any of the pictures from my camera to Vicky's laptop! But soon, I promise!

We're off to Phi Phi on a boat tomorrow - so excited! Going to get a dreadlock and travelling braid here, more tanning, snorkelling and lap up the island life all you backpackers out there brag about!

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