Monday, 9 September 2013

Travel: Flight Prep

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Not many people like flying - it's long, it's cramped and it's pretty boring. I get fidgety and can only spend so long watching films, reading or whatever else occupies my brain before I get the random urge to jump up and run around. 

Over the years, I've become one of those really particular people when it comes to flying - I like to have my own little things I do to keep me calm and make the journey easier. My flying ritual comprises of 5 things I now always do - keep hydrated, eat something, get a couple of hours sleep, stretch my legs and avoid checking the time.

I also make sure I apply vaseline and hand cream to keep my skin hydrated too; there's something about planes that completely draw any moisture out of your skin. It's important to keep yourself amused too - with films, things to read and whatever else tickles your fancy - doing this, combined with my 5 flight rituals makes for a more enjoyable and relaxed flight. 

When I was younger I completely refused to eat plane food - the smell alone put me off. I'd spend every long haul flight we went on eating crackers or the little snacks my Mum brought along to keep my hunger at bay. Now, I make sure I eat some of the food provided; it's never going to be a delicious, gourmet meal but I've found ordering the Vegetarian option (especially with Emirates) always proves to be a tastier dish.

Dehydration tends to be more common during long haul flights because of the low humidty. Drinking plenty of water during the flight will allow your body to stay healthy and not become run down or contract any viruses. It'll also keep your skin hydrated (which is always a bonus!)

Stretching your legs and keeping your body moving every now and again is massively important. I always laugh to myself about those inflight information videos they used to play years ago (maybe they still do, I'm not sure!) where you'd see a acting-passenger doing weird yoga-like stresses in their chair with their legs in the air. Hilarious! I'm not saying to try and do a seated downward facing dog or anything like that, but I do make sure I have a little walk up the aisle every now and again and make sure the circulation is getting to my body. DVT  is something you definitely want to avoid.

I'm lucky that I'm going to be flying with Katie and Luka (and a trusty pack of UNO cards) so we will definitely have an enjoyable flight with no time checking or room for boredom!

Do you have any flying tips you can recommend to me, I'd love to know!


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