Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hangover Hell: Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh

3am came and it felt pretty much like a nightmare. We had our flight back to Ho Chi Minh ready for our stop over in Singapore then on to Bali. Catching a plane hungover is probably one of the worst decisions I've made...ever but an experience all the same.

We stayed in Thanh Hostel again, the same as last time because of it's cheap, clean rooms and excellent location. We had a biiiig long sleep until late afternoon before heading out for a wander round and a browse around the markets. I have been to the most ridiculous amount of markets but somehow seem to enjoy it every time.

We went to Ben Thanh market this time which hosted the same souvenirs as the rest of Asia but the market itself was a winding, labyrinth of hustle and bustle and all the pointless, pretty tat I like to buy. Unfortunately, we had been told this was a night market but around 6.30-7pm, everything started shutting and the huge street food area clearly had no intention of opening up - bummer! We headed back in search of food and came across Cam Tam Cali - GO HERE! The food is cheap and absolutely delicious; they offer broken rice dishes, the best BBQ pork I've ever had, amazing veggie options and combo dishes which are excellent value for money and you get A LOT of different foods.

After food, we headed back towards our hostel to visit the shops nearby, ones we had visited before. I'd pinky promised the most adorable Vietnamese girl (that also makes incredible dresses in her shop) that I would buy a pretty, handpainted lantern. She was there and thrilled to see us and twisted my arm and I left with a beautiful lantern - slightly impractical as I have a backpack and rucksack and it's very fragile!

We had another early flight tomorrow to Singapore an, after the state we started our day in, bed was calling our names...well, shouting in my case!


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