Thursday, 7 November 2013

10 Things I've Learned about Backpacking

1. Always have babywipes and antibacterial gel

2. Long trips - floaty trousers and a sarong are necessary for girls - just cover up because you don't know how nice the transport will be

3. Don't be scared to take an iPad/laptop/MacBook - everybody does - just lock it away or carry it with you during the daytime.

4. Make sure you read hostel reviews online before booking - it can make a big difference.

5. Prepare for long trips - charge your iPod/phone/kindle - if you can't sleep, you'll need distractions or it will be a looong journey.

6. Opt for sleeper buses/trains where possible - it saves you money even though it takes longer but this saves you a night on accommodation costs

7. Rooms with air con and/or hot water are a luxury/rarity - be prepared for this

8. Try and understand the currency or you'll end up giving the wrong notes - we've all done it and wondered why our money has gone so quickly at least once this trip

9. Don't hide your money when drunk - you will never find it again! - I did this and it still remains a mystery 

10. Be sociable - this might sound obvious but it'll help you discover things you might not have thought of doing and you'll get hostel recommendations which saves trawling through hostel world and hostel booker. And you might meet people friends for life - backpackers are lovely people.

And - just relax and have fun but keep your wits about you.


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