Monday, 25 November 2013

Bookshops and Browsing - exploring Freo

Fremantle is fantastic - book shops, beautiful vintage stores, coffee shops and restaurants everywhere you turn and so much character it gives that warm feel like when greeting an only friend.

Myself and Nadia spent a few days, in between our babysitting (yes, we picked up a week of 'work'!) wandering and admiring the quaint little harbour town. The weather in Perth is notoriously brilliant most of the time and we were lucky enough to experience this; which meant our two weeks there made sitting in the sunshine drinking coffee, walking down by the harbour and catching the train (with views from the window of the ocean, might I add) to the beautiful beaches that belong to Perth.

The book shops are fantastic (the inner bookworm/English geek in my cheers). Some old, one new but with so much character. Shelves and shelves of books, stacked high, for you to get lost in - as usual I became engrossed with the cookery book section...then the children's book section (a career I would like to go into - publishing or writing).

 I felt I needed to drag myself out. So we took a stroll further down the road...

And came across a quirky little record store...I like music but I'm not one to claim I know anything extensive about it but the concept of old records, record players and the era they belong to fascinates me.

We couldn't help stopping off at our favourite Freo jaunt on the way home, The Fremantle Bakehouse, for a delicious iced coffee.

There are so many quaint and interesting little places to explore in Freo - grab your shoes, take off your watch and aimlessly explore the place; you'll find some hidden treasures.


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