Thursday, 14 November 2013

Fremantle Weekend Market

We arrived in Perth on the first day of November; and I still cannot get my head around the fact it is now NOVEMBER - where has 2013 gone?!

Being a Friday, this meant that Fremantle Weekend Market was open for business. I'll be frank, I honestly didn't know anything about Fremantle as a place until around a week before our arrival but I am so pleased we were fortunate enough to witness its beauty and relaxed atmosphere. 

The Fremantle Weekend Market is located just around the corner from Cappuccino Strip (you can access it from CS though) and is a lovely sight to behold - fruit and vegetable stalls, authentic foods from Spain and Greece, juice stands, bread stalls and all sorts of clothing and nik-nak shops. After spending so long in Asia, seeing this kind of produce was enough to bring a tear to my eye - I had longed for bread like this for months after the sweet, unsatisfying toast we had eaten in Asia.

We made our way around the market, admiring the variety of foods and vowing to return later to collect some fruit for breakfast and vegetables to make our pasta dish.

We were pleased to see the prices were reasonable after being warned that things really aren't cheap in Australia. This is true, a lot of things are expensive but as minimum wage and salaries are notoriously higher here, everything is in relation with regards to earnings and cost of living. So yes, it may seem pricier to us unemployed backpackers but, once we are working, I imagine the Aussie prices won't be such a shocker anymore.

After a wander round town, we made our way back, collecting our market purchases on the way. I'm pleased to report that the quality of the fruit and vegetables we bought was fantastic and I will definitely be venturing back to collect some more (and try that delicious looking seafood paella!)


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