Monday, 11 November 2013

G'Day from Down Under

"Thank you for flying Air Asia. Welcome to Australia."

Genuinely, I felt very emotional hearing that announced over the tannoy as our plain landed in Perth. It's no secret that 2013 didn't begin as a fantastic year for me and I was a very different person, in a very different place. I now felt further from that unhappiness than I thought possible and I am so, so proud of what I've achieved. As I sat on that plane, grinning from ear to ear, all I could find myself say was "I cannot believe I am in Australia". I couldn't and I still can't.

We made our way into the airport to pass through passport control and get our visas checked over - except this never happened. We were told that, to get in Australia, you would need your working holiday visa number as well as evidence of 3000 English pounds (or the AUD equivalent) in your bank account to prove you were financially able to leave the country; neither of these things were checked and we were merely asked if there was anything we needed to declare. Easy peasey! 

I'd had the really unfortunate incident of my STA cashcard being swallowed by a Commonwealth ATM in Kuta so began to worry about my lack of money. Thankfully, my Natwest debit card finally let me withdraw so all is well now.

We headed for the taxi rank to grab a ride to Fremantle, a beautiful Harbour town just outside of Perth City. We had been invited to stay with Nadia's Great Uncle at their home in Fremantle, but they were away until the next afternoon so we had the house to ourselves. We were warned the taxi wouldn't be that cheap as the airport is around 45 minutes away from their house in Freo but were surprised to find it only cost us $60 on the metre. We arrived at their beautiful home on Wray Avenue, an area just like Ramsay Street (although, being a huge Neighbours fan, I would have said that even if it didn't). We grabbed the key and let ourselves in to be greeted by their lovely arty home (Nad's great aunt is a very talented and famous artist) and instantly felt at home.

We didn't stick around for too long as it was still early and we were in need of a coffee. Her uncle and aunt had kindly left us a few maps of the area so we head down the road to see what Freo (never Fremantle, apparently) had to offer. Straight away we came across the lovely Fremantle markets, a weekend market with beautiful fruit stalls, bread stalls and the most delicious looking paealla. We had a little browse round there before finding ourselves The Fremantle Bakehouse, a lovely little coffee shop with the most delicious Iced Caramal Coffee, with a hefty scoop of ice cream.

We wandered our way round the shops and grabbed ourselves some vegetables from the market and some bits of make a pasta dish for dinner. I was very excited to be able to make my own meals again after months of eating out every night. You all know just how much I love cooking so not being able to lose myself in the kitchen has been something I've felt very nostalgic for.

Tiredness hit so we ventured back to Wray Avenue, cooked and fell asleep in the most comfortable bed I had slept in for months.

Now I'm in Australia, despite my blog taking shape a more of a travel blog over the past couple of months, I'm SO excited to return to lifestyle blogging and being able to share my recipes with you. My love of food, homecooked and from dining out, is something my blog has always been dominant in, so being able to get back to that is something I cannot wait for. It's nearly a year since I discovered the blogging world now, reading then going public with my own blog (Tumblr back then) in December last year. I'm so pleased I discovered this little community and can share my travels and day to day life with you all.

Unorganised Chaos is back in full force! Hopefully a little more organised now after managing to backpack my way around South East Asia injury-free! Hooray!


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