Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Goodbye to Perth, for now

I was desperately sad to be saying goodbye to Perth, especially Fremantle - I had most definitely fallen for its charm. And what's not to love? Beautiful beaches, food galore, lovely pubs and bars, a gorgeous harbour to walk around and a fantastic transport system (something to be applauded after some of the hassle experienced in Asia!). 

We had managed to pick up a little bit of work while we were there, which was of course, a big help! We'd even managed a night out on Northbridge in between our tanning, working and coffee breaks. 

Northbridge was alright, nothing too impressive. We ate a Gorman y Gomez, a quirky little Mexican place - set up like a fast food joint, yet appearing much more stylish than that. I opted for the veggie nachos and a frozen sangria (get one!) as usual, I had gobbled the food down too quickly to snap a picture but it was decent food for a small price. I did, however, object to paying extra for the sour cream as they gave me practically half a teaspoon full. 

After I experienced goon for the first time. Word on the street is correct goon (aka cheap wine in a box) gives you one of the worst hangovers I've experienced. That night we ventured to Ya Ya's - not the greatest place I've ever been but still decent. Next time I would consider a night out in Perth City as opposed to Northbridge; it sounds like that's the night out you would expect from a city (NOTE; a good one).

We had been staying with Nadia's great uncle which was so much fun. They really made us feel welcome and it was sad to say goodbye. I was going to miss their beautiful arty house, Freo's beaches and Cappuccino Strip. But I'll be back to explore Perth again and some other parts of Western Australia (their weather is too good to resist!)


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