Friday, 15 November 2013

Just Checking In #2

Hello All,

Yet again you will have to bear with me - I'm lacking in good wifi yet again.

I am now in Melbourne which is unfortunately cool and drizzly at the moment; it feels like British springtime! We left Perth a few days ago (I still have lots more to tell you about so the posts will come as soon as I can get half an hour with a good internet connection!)

Perth was lovely and I instantly felt at home there - the weather was beautiful, the people are friendly and it's genuinely a nice place to live.

Unfortunately, since arriving in Melbourne, homesickness has kicked in. Now I can 100% say I do not want to return to England but I am really, really missing my family right now. I'm not sure if it's the weather or the fact things are getting a little more like real life now (food shops, job searching, nights in etc) or whether it's hit me that I actually live here now and I'm not backpacking anymore (at least until the new year anyway) but something has made me need my family, my parents especially. I'm sure this is just a temporary thing and once FaceTime and Skype are more easily accessible to me this feeling will lift.

Right now, my days consist of job hunting - boring but true! I'm not in desperate need of work as I made sure to save plenty during my first postgraduate year working but I want to make sure I can get to Sydney and do the travelling I want to do next year! 

So as usual, bear with me. The interesting posts will come as soon as possible. The house should have internet at some point over the next few weeks and I'll grab wifi where I can.

Hope you're all enjoying the pre Christmas festivities and the autumnal weather - I actually miss this time of year in England, despite moaning about the cold here. There's something really comforting about the need to wrap up warm, the orange and red leaves that have fallen and the excuse to have as many soy hazelnut hot chocolates as I want to 'keep warm'. I did venture to Starbucks yesterday to indulge in a Soy Toffee Nut Hot Chocolate; I needed that little taste of Christmas...


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