Thursday, 28 November 2013


I have recently realised that without organisation, I seem to completely crumble. I got lost in both Typo and Kikki K, two beautiful shops in melbourne - also making me realise I have a borderline unhealthy love for stationary. That said, I've always been a list maker - to do list, things I want to see, Christmas/birthday lists - you name it, I'll have made a list for it. I saw on the lovely Tania's blog (Joy Felicity Jane) a little 'here's what I've been doing' list and love the idea especially as I've been travelling so much lately; it's nice to be able to keep track of things (and for my family to know I'm surviving on the other side if the world!)

So here's my 'just lately' list;

eating // everything in sight - months of rice/noodles means the accessibility of delicious Aussie food is making me crave everything.
drinking // liptons limited edition virgin Bloody Mary iced tea (must try for iced tea fans!!)
watching // greys anatomy
mastering // the melbourne tram system
learning // a lot about myself
finishing // handing out CVs now I have a job (woohoo!)
reading // a book about the life of Coco Chanel
enjoying // my new surroundings a little more each day
listening // to Disclosure and Bon Iver
walking // around the city
needing // to send Christmas cards and sort out presents soon 
wearing // layers - melbourne is chilly right now
cooking // healthy foods and barbecues - I have evidently consumed too much food/drink
wondering // when to start my sightseeing next year
working // on getting my blogging back on track as I've been very lazy due to terrible wifi
travelling // around melbourne
planning // Christmas, new year and my 2014 travels around Australia 
hoping // summer shows it's face soon (weird saying this in November when I'm used to cold English winter)
losing // EVERYTHING - I'm not sure when I got so forgetful
buying // playsuits, pretty dresses and 'basics' (for work)
wanting // beautiful diaries and notebooks from Kikki K


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