Sunday, 10 November 2013

Swapping Kuta for Life Down Under

After living in paradise for a few days, we made our way back to Kuta - partying paradise I suppose, except by this point, we were a little party-ed out and in need of some sleep (don't I sound old now!)

We had a bit of a palaver getting the boat - hangover and need for breakfast versus any concept of time - so unfortunately, we missed our original, all paid for boat. We had to fork out a HUGE amount of money to get us back to Padangbai Harbour and bus transport from there back to Kuta; bummer! Luckily, this is the first time something like this has happened so despite our money rapidly running out, we couldn't complain too much. We managed to sort out an alternative boat an hour later with a different company so tried to dodge the sun a little while we waited.

After a couple of hours on the boat and an hour or two on a mini bus, we arrived in Kuta. We decided to stay at Warung Coco again because our time there was so nice last time - friendly staff, cheap room rates, swimming pool (not poppies two coco) and breakfast is included with the price. We were greeted like old friends, something which is always nice when you stay in a hostel or guesthouse, and shown to our rooms. As we had stayed so recently and returned again, the manager sorted us out pool side rooms as a thank you for coming back.

Our time seemed to fly by during those final 5 days in Kuta. The girls left us the day after we had returned and it was just myself, Nadia and Vicky making the journey across to Australia. We spent our final few Bali days shopping, sunbathing, swimming and gorging on the delicious barbecue at Skygarden (to the point of nearly passing out on Mexican night).

I loved Bali and will no doubt return for a little holiday whilst I'm living in Oz; definitely staying in some of the lovely hotels I saw whilst travelling around and trying out those lovely looking restaurants I mentioned in Seminyak. Bali truly is beautiful and I feel so lucky to have finally made the journey there.

We flew to Perth on November 1st on an early morning flight; I'm very excited to be embarking on a new life in Australia. This may sound exaggerated but that's genuinely what this is for me.

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