Friday, 13 December 2013

Queen Victoria Wednesday Night Market

I couldn't count on both hands the number of Aussies that have said to me 'you've definitely come to Melbourne at the right time'. This time of year, us Brits are gearing up for the cold, Christmas season, sipping mulled wine and finding any excuse for a hot chocolate. The Aussies have one thing in mind - Summer! And I can see why they get excited; Melbourne  completely transforms in the nicer weather.

One of its lovely summer treats is the weekly Wednesday night food market at The Queen Victoria Market. As you know, any event involving food is something I will want to attend.

This market is BRILLIANT; stall after stall of different cuisines as well as little craft and clothing stands. Oh, and don't miss out on the delicious white sangria in the second area (near the stage outside!) 

We started off with Cajun potatoes, something you really need to try.

And a sangria to help us decide...

I won't lie to you, deciding what to eat was tough and we may have had to lap the market twice....okay, three make a decision.

Seriously though, how am I meant to choose...

I ended up with a kangaroo steak burger, Nadia had paella and Vicky decided on fish and chips - all beautiful, my burger was particularly nice. 

The second time we decided it would make a great deal more sense to just work our way down. This time, I opted for a vegetarian platter including the nicest chickpea chips, caramelised onion tartlet and salad. Vicky gave us all food envy with a Philli cheese steak; next time.

The night market is on until February so venture down one Wednesday for a bite to eat!

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