Saturday, 28 December 2013

5 Things

Christmas Day - our family friends invited me for Christmas Day and it was lovely, it a little strange. Not only was it 30 degrees but it was strange being woken up by their youngest son to go and open presents. I'm an only child and this is the closest I've ever felt to having siblings.

Relaxation time - Mt Eliza for five days before Sydney has been perfect. It's given me time to catch up on sleep, reading, blogging and tanning!

Messages from home - and from a couple of people in particular. The people that would stay in constant contact, as expected, have. Those that haven't, I'm not surprised but I know if I returned home it would be like we had never been apart. It's been a weird feeling being away during Christmas but it's nice to know that people miss me as much as I miss them!

Breakfast - today, I got up early and headed into the city for breakfast. Yes, on my own. I weirdly love doing this. There's something that makes me really happy about having breakfast, watching the other early risers and sipping on a green tea and honey, lost in my own thoughts.

The view over Oliver's Hill of the sea - it is breathtaking and makes me feel so, so lucky.


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