Sunday, 19 January 2014

DIY // An Afternoon of Tie Dye

Yesterday afternoon the weather took a bit of a turn from the consistent sunny, weather of the past few weeks. We decided that we should do something fun and creative to entertain ourselves - tie dye!

Nikki is the tie dying guru of the group and, after purchasing the necessary equipment for the task, she talked us through it.

It depends how many colours you want and the dye stretches a very long way; we used four packets of dye (yellow, green, pink and blue), salt, four empty plastics bottles, boiling water, three tshirts each (12 in total - the dye would have done many more but we only used half a packet of each), a bag of elastic bands, trays to put the dyed tshirts in while trying.

First, you need to tip the dye powder into the bottles (each colour has a separate bottle - or use a jug per colour which would be much safer/appropriate - we just used what we had) and add two-three tablespoons of salt and fill with boiling water (be VERY careful doing this). You need to make sure the salt dissolves with the dye and water by shaking up the bottles. Repeat for each colour (see below)

The dye will stain fingers/colours/surfaces so either put a cloth/sheet/newspaper down or do it outside on the grass like we did.

Open your elastic bands out and set down your tins ready.

There are several kinds of designs you can do (check them out on the internet for detailed descriptions). I attempted a spiral; I say attempted as I had no idea what I was doing properly. You need to put your finger in the centre of the shirt and keep pulling the material around, you guessed it, in a spiral.

I'm aware this looks like a bundle...

Pull the fabric the tighter the better as it often has a better effect (according to Guru Nikki)

Tie the fabric with several elastic bands and carefully pour the dye on where you fancy! I did a colour in every section between the elastic bands.

After doing so I carefully moved it on some cardboard to start drying (resulting in blue fingers) NOTE: gloves if you don't want alien hands!

I did another two, following no design whatsoever I grabbed the top and bottom of one tshirt (bottom right) and added several elastic bands and a big knot in the middle, tipping several different dyes into the fabric

The cropped vest (bottom left) was done by taking several grasps of material and tying with elastic bands. 

We left them for 3 hours (overnight is better but we were impatient), then rinsed them out with cold water. If there are white patches on the fabric, the dye is likely to run into those patches but it will fade over time.

Leave to dry or put on a spin in the washing machine.

The dye will definitely run the first few times they are washed but Nikki assures me they do stop running after a while.

Here are the end results..

Very happy with the patterns I achieved but, an obvious secret, they are all completely random. You can't really go wrong with tie dye it seems, so have a go for an inexpensive afternoon of entertainment!


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  1. Wah, I love tie-dye, haven't done it for years!
    Definitely having a go.
    Cute blog
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