Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Risk taking and decision making - Australia on a working holiday visa

How do you decipher what's too risky or what's a good decision? - the question I seem to be asking myself everyday at the moment.

Despite the fact I am thoroughly enjoying my time here in Australia, it feels like every few days/few weeks there is some kind of decision to be made. And no, I'm not talking about what dress to put on or how to have my hair - real decisions that may or may not have an impact on the rest of my time here.

I've never been a good decision maker. I spend too much time assessing possible outcomes, worrying or generally just thinking 'am I doing the right thing?' As I'm getting older, that doesn't seem to be changing, if anything, the worry often feels more intense. 

So far this trip has taught me that, sometimes, things simply don't go to plan and you just have to go with it. I mean, if somebody had said to me in November that right now I would be sat in Sydney typing this, having already left Melbourne, I would have been in disbelief. That said, it just goes to show - plans change, decisions are made and sometimes, for better or for worse, you just have to take that leap.

The problem is, if you spend so much time mulling over what to do, you lose the fun that could be had in the present moment because you become so transfixed on hypothetical outcomes of future decisions - trust me, I'm an expert in this, I do it all the time.

So now, I have decisions to make, that only I can make.

Australia, like for most backpackers, seems such a temporary thing. For British people to get their working holiday visa, we get 12 months here..being allowed a second year should we complete our 88 days regional work (fruit picking, labouring, farm hand etc). The problem here is that the regional work is either poor pay or you get food and accomodation as pay for your work. Either way, you come out with no money, unless you had funds saved from before.

Realistically, I leave Sydney at the beginning of February as my apartment lease will be up - do I take the leap to do three months of farming for no pay, to finish with dwindling savings?

Do I go and do a 15 day campervan road trip from Sydney up to Cairns along the coast or do I go and do a weeks surf school? Then go and do farming.

Or do I go and do the Sydney to Cairns road trip then fly back to Melbourne to find work and get some money together before my parents arrive in April so I can spend three weeks with them before a potential New Zealand and Fiji trip and maybe surf school later on. However, risking leaving my farming and not obtaining my second year visa.

And here brings us back to my first question - how do you decipher what is too risky and what is a good decision? Each has it's negatives and with things being so temporary over here (living,  jobs, the visas in general), how does anyone make 'the right decision'?



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