Thursday, 27 February 2014

52 Lists // Week 9 - Best Qualities

I'm not exactly full of self confidence so listing my best qualities doesn't come too easily. And right now, things feel like a bit of a struggle for me again...I can't put my finger on why or how but I can feel the smaller things become a challenge and I've decided to put my energy and anxiety into a little something I'm going to start working on this stay tuned, it might not be a quick process but I have something up my sleeve!

So here's this weeks list;

1. I look after my friends - the girls call me Mum, it's in my nature to organise, look after everyone and take charge

2. I can put on a brave face even when I'm feeling out of sorts

3. I couldn't love my family anymore than I do - my parents and grandparents mean more to me than I can explain

4. I'm a good cook and baker

5. I'm hardworking and will put my full attention towards something when necessary 

6. I'll always listen to and care for my friends, even if we don't speak a everyday - I will always be there 

7. I won't give up - I've had a tough few years and even on the rubbish days I will keep going and find new ways to stay level headed

8. I am determined and optimistic about my future career - my travelling has brought to light the things I feel I want 

9. I'm realistic - about myself, life, things that are achievable 

10. I'm passionate about the things I love - mostly food, travel and designer handbags...and breakfast - breakfast is of the upmost importance

This was a tricky one...


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