Wednesday, 19 February 2014

TRAVEL: Life on the road; the end

So the time in our campervan has almost come to an end; three weeks - done.

We've driven over 2600km, myself and Hannah doing the majority of that mileage - yep, tired work but definitely worth it - it has meant three weeks with two of my best friends and a new close friend. We've had a great time, a lot of laughs, ALOT of inside jokes and memories that will last a lifetime.

Now, you will have to bear with me as I now have three weeks worth of catching p to do with you guys - and you know me - I cant do one post per place; theres food to take into consideration, trips, random things that have happened. Yes, I ramble, but hopefully that is why you all keep coming back to me.

At this moment in time, Ive set up this little office...

which is the best I can do right now BYT it means I can get on track with filling you in on my recent adventures.  

Today has been much needed - a hearty brunch...

a dip in the pool, an afternoon of catching up with Aussie pals and general relaxation.

So now you know my whereabouts once again and I can now return whole heartedly to the blogging world, Ive missed it!


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