Friday, 28 February 2014


I can't even find the right words to title this post, nothing seems fitting or can convey what I want to say.

I've spoken quite openly on here about struggles in the past. My mind can often be quite temperamental when it comes to change; I struggle to settle and swing from good day to bad day fairly quickly. Each day I work on these kind of things and often wonder; so why did I feel like that again? Battles aren't overcome easily and you need to take comfort in th triumphs, no matter how big or small.

This week I've lost a friend of mind. She too has had struggles in the past and my admiration for her has always been high; all the heartbreak and fighting she went through and she didn't give up. After all of that, she lost a very unexpected and rapid fight to cancer. The last thing I expected was a phonecall from my Mum back home in the UK to tell me what had happened. As you can imagine, I'm really cut up and very shocked, yet it doesn't feel real at the same time.

Life is so short and precious; it can be taken away in a flash. Experiences need to be embraced and loved ones need to cherished and next time I have one of my struggles, I will be thinking to myself, everybody has bad days, move on from that feeling and make the most of the day and those around me; I'm bloody lucky - and sometimes we forget this.

This post will end up being a rambled one, trying to process the thoughts in my head...but it's truly impossible to do that right now. 

Be happy and free with M now xo

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