Thursday, 20 February 2014

Week 8 // List 8 - My Hometown

When I tell people where I'm from, the responses aren't always great. Where I live is actually lovely - I can't help the rest of the place - but my area is respectable and, at the end of the day, it's home; always has been, always will be. Yes, that's right, with the exception of four years in Sheffield, the family home in Forest Town is the place we've lived since hve been born. It holds so many incredible memories and it will be a sad day when we eventually have to let go of that house.

Things that I love about my hometown? The centre itself - nothing - it's a dive, unfortunately like a lot of British towns these days; the high streets are seemingly non-existent, this an influx of non-locals and people would rather was into the cities. But, there are some things I love about my little town within a scummy town.

1. We've always lived there, I went to school there - memories from my childhood are all there

2. I still have a small handful of friends there that I've had since nursery - we may have done different things but I know they will always remain my friends.

3. Walking the pup in the woods and by the golf course - it's so beautiful and peaceful up there; these are the places people don't know about and this is one of my favourite spots. I love feeling in the middle of nowhere up there.

4. You feel like you're in a more rural area but it's close to the city - fields, woods, forests, rivers, lakes...a half an hour drive from EVERYTHING.

5. Memories of galloping my horses through the fields - I miss horse riding terribly and vow to strength my poor knees again and start riding

6. The Dog and Duck - our 'local' fine dining that hosts a brilliant menu! 

7. We never flood - which I am grateful for since the UK is experiencing such awful weather. Means I can worry less from my Aussie bubble

8. My parents and grandparents are there - and I miss them ridiculously 

9. Things don't feel so scary there - my town is my comfort zone - familiarity and security make it somewhere I want to be.

10. The short drive from my house to my grandparents as the sun is setting across the fields


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  1. Home is where the heart is. So cliche but so true.
    So what if others look down on it? It's home.
    The city I grew up in is a place most people would be scared to walk in, but it's where I always felt safe.