Monday, 10 March 2014

LIFE: Lately.

Things have been hectic lately.

I had so many intentions for the six weeks between returning to Melbourne and my parents arriving but things have been put on hold a little. 

I had every intention of getting on top of my blogging (something I've severely neglected since I started my travelling), having early nights, eating well and abandoning the drinking...well, this hasn't gone to plan.

Just lately I've come to realise the true beauty of travelling; not just for the things you see, but for the people you meet along the way. When you're at home in your everyday life, doing the same old same old, it's hard to break away and it's even harder to find people who want to break away too. 

I sat today with my friends along Southbank, discussing the reasons we came travelling. sharing stories and we all pretty much came to the same conclusion - who will understand our experiences and the things we have shared along the way apart from ourselves and those we have shared those things with. It would be near impossible to go home or catch up with people and tell them about our time travelling. They simply won't understand. Not because they haven't done it or because we now think we are little explorers but because they weren't there for the inside jokes, the 'you had to be there' moments and the hard goodbyes.

As travellers, we are all in the same boat - we have come to see new things, meet new people and experience some kind of something while we are here. Who understands a backpacker better than another backpacker? You meet people on your adventures that you feel like you could have known a lifetime, that 'get you' because, chances are, they booked that one way ticket, quit that job and flew over here for the same reasons.

This weekend I went to Future Music Festival and had the time of my life - these are the things that travelling is about - the days you'll consider the best with the memories you won't forget.

Today has seen another goodbye and without putting things on hold, I wouldn't have just had the week I've experienced.



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