Monday, 7 April 2014

52 Lists // Week 14 - Before I Die

1. Walk the Sydney Harbour Bridge
2. Go to Morocco
3. Write my own book
4. Travel South America
5. Use my English degree within my career
6. See the Northern Lights
7. Dive with sharks in Fiji
8. Speak a language fluenty
9. Go back to Africa and volunteer
10. Have my very own little deli/tearoom 

I have SO many things I want to do in life. If you go on my 'bucket list' tab at the top of Unorganised Chaos you can see the whole list.


1 comment:

  1. Swimming with sharks? Oh my! You're one courageous young lady! I can't even swim so that's out of the question for me. Haha
    South America! I dream of traveling it also. I hope you are able to make all of not most of the things on this list happen.