Monday, 3 March 2014

LIFE: An Afternoon by the Ocean

This afternoon was a rare one for me - I had finished work at 12, having done the early 6am shift, the sky was bright blue, the sun was beating down (often rare for Melbourne but especially surprising as the summer was coming to an end) and I thought "I'm going to make the most of this!"

Of course, I was exhausted; especially as my morning commutes have been taking almost an hour and a half. However, I could not let this occurrence go to waste. I had a brief meander around the city before hopping on the train to head towards home. My line ends at Frankston, so, with the lovely weather, I decided to walk down towards the waterfront and spend some time on the pier, staring out across the bay to the toy-like city in the distance.

The commute each day from my current home on the Mornington Peninsular to the city may sound dreadful, and some days, I wish I could roll out of bed 20 minutes before I need to and hot foot it across the CBD to work, but on days like this, I'm grateful that this is so close to 'home'.

The weather and views couldn't possibly have been nicer; I shared this little spot with the local fishermen and we all sat in complete silence, thinking, reflecting and just taking in one of many little beauties Australia has to offer.


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