Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Great Ocean Road; Take Two.

The first time I did Great Ocean Road was in the summer time - it rained ALL DAY. We set off early, saw the sites, all wrapped up and having a typically British moan about the whole affair. We had a great day all the same but, in bad weather, struggled to appreciate the lovely costal stretch for how lovely is really is.

My parents are currently visiting me for a few weeks (although this is sadly coming to an end now) and at the top of my dads to do list was 'drive the Great Ocean Road'. So, we did. 

We decided to do it over two days would be the perfect amount of time so we could stay somewhere overnight and take the journey slowly to fully admire the spectacular views and beaches.
We hired a car from Budget and, having used them for a third time over here, left hassle free, making our way to towards Geelong, with our first stop off being Torquay. The weather was beautiful and the roadtrip was underway.

From the city to Torquay took around an hour and we were advised to stop off at the Information Centre to grab a map and some 'must stop off' points along the way. We grabbed a few leaflets and went in search of a ocean view coffee shop.

We came across The Pond - not quite ocean view but it had the kind of atmosphere I love in a little cafe. We planned a few stop offs, enjoyed a lovely drink and one of the best homemade brownies I have ever eaten (munched too quickly to snap!) - like a fudge but deliciously soft and chocolatey.

From Torquay our next stop off was Point Addis - a beautiful beach hosting great snorkelling and often plenty of wildlife (roos and echidnas) but a little too warm for them to poke their noses out today.

Another spot rife with kangaroos is the Anglesea Golf Course. A beautiful course itself and home to 1000 roos. Drive up, park your car at the club house and peer through the fence (no sneaking on the green!)

 Next stop - Aireys Inlet Lighthouse aka. the lighthouse from Going Round the Twist. A must for any die hard fans and anybody else. It's a beautiful, well kept lighthouse with a little cliff walk with incredible views. I love lighthouses, they are very pretty.

From there, head towards Lorne for Erskine Falls,Teddy's lookout and the lovely Wye River. We decided to make our way through in search of Kennett River (just off Grey River Road) but unforauntely didn't spot the turn off.

Apollo Bay was our nights stopover and the next place worthy of a break on Great Ocean Road. With lovely views, plenty of restaurants (go to The Apollo Seafood Cafe - incredible scallops!), it is definitely a good half way point for an overnighter or simply a little lunch break. I made a reservation for us at The Great Ocean View which was ideal, clean and a good location, a little off the main front with a lovely view of the ocean from our balcony (in the upper rooms). 

Up early the next morning, we were met with a whole heap for rain. Obviously it was disappointing but we did expect it at this time of year. We kept to our plans, up early for breakfast then onto The 12 Apostles (well, technically 9 and a half now, the years haven't been kind to them...)

The rain was soon forgotten about when this was plated up and served to me...

Anybody that knows me/reads my blog/follows me on Instagram will know of my love for breakfast. The BEST meal of the day and one worth daily appreciation. Even the little teapots allowed me to leave with a little spring in my step - adorable!

From here we hopped in the car and made our way to The 12 Apostles. It rained on and off the whole way there but by the time we arrived, despite the cold ocean breeze, the sun was shining and made for some fabulous views...

My parents, and myself included, were in awe of the beauty of the view. We stayed a while but the cold got a little too much. We decided to head back to the car and make our way to the ferry at Queenscliff across to Sorrento.

We spent the night in Balnarring on the Mornington Peninsular - if you drive through here/go nearby, you MUST go to Le Bouchon, a tiny little French place hosting the most exsquisite cuisine. 

A lovely, lovely few days!


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