Thursday, 8 May 2014

52 Lists // Week 19 - Memories

1. My mum fetching me from school and me singing, word for word, a song from the Les Mis soundtrack and her going 'that was beautiful' - I'm the worst singer so it amuses me.

2. Going strawberry picking as a little girl

3. Beach Break with everybody over the summer - so much fun

4. My 20th and 22nd birthdays

5. Boarding the plane to Bangkok to come travelling - no return flight, no idea when I would be home

6. Meeting my boyfriend - not for sentimental reasons, just because it's a funny story

7. Watching the sunset on Gili T at the reggae bar with Vicky and Luka and the conversation we had

8. Skydiving - a Incredible, absolutely incredible

9. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef - getting over my open water fear

10. Our East Coast roadtrip

11. Graduation - the look on my grandads face when I turned up at their house to surprise him in my cap and gown as he was too ill to make it

12. The sounds that come from my kitchen at home on a Saturday morning 

13. My grandma making me watching Carol Vordeman's times tables video EVERY morning before school 

14. The feeling I had from horse riding and competing 

15. All the bad stuff but with a positive spin - thinking of it all makes me realise how far I've come 


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