Sunday, 4 May 2014

LET'S TALK: Unemployed Travelling

Travelling and NOT working sounds dreamy right? Days on the beach, lunching down the side streets, discovering hidden little gems...Yes, it's fabulous. There is no greater thrill than waking up, heading out and playing explorer. However, it isn't always sunshine and rainbows.

It's okay when you're sightseeing or on trips or with your mates on three days benders but the reality of spending days alone, dwindling funds, summer turning to autumn...there isn't much to do and it can get lonely. The crying shame is - most things cost money. I appreciate you can go to parks, free galleries, travel to see the beautiful views but, usually, money is spent along the way. When you're a backpacker out of work, you don't always have this spare change and reality is, these little $2 or $3 spent here and there do add up. I don't mean to burst anybody's bubble but I want to give an honest account of my experiences, good and not so good. This is one of them - once the trips and the sightseeing aren't as frequent and you are temporarily unemployed, it can suck.

Right now I am in Auckland visiting my boyfriend. I haven't spoken about it too much on here; mostly because it's sickeningly cute. Yes, I've become one of those people. All you need to know - I'm incredibly happy and to say we met whilst travelling, I can't see things changing between us in a hurry. Anyway, right now I'm NZ for almost four weeks. The plan was to travel round, see the sights etc. but the travellers amongst you will know, even non-travellers will know, you can't go out spending money every single day. It's unrealistic. As I'm over here I left my Melbourne job to visit. I had plenty saved but when you aren't getting those weekly envelopes of dollar bills, your bank balance begins to feel a little sorry for itself. I'm a worrier, in every aspect, from worrying about whether I remembered to turn off my hair straighteners to the bigger things in life.

Now, the other side of it - dwindling funds are sucky, just plain not nice. I'm over here with a boyfriend that works Monday-Friday. So with disappearing money, summer leaving us and wanting to actually see the sights with my guy, the days tend to feel long.This said, I wouldn't change the feeling I get at 6pm when I know he's on his way home. And for now, it is home. We have a month in a private hostel room. A hostel that feels more like being at home than being in a building full of travellers.

I guess my point is, travelling is a fabulous experience but unless your adventures are constant, day in day out, then there will be times where you think 'despite being in this country, I kinda feel like I'm back home.'

That said, I've discovered what you have to do...

1. NOT stay in bed all day - yes, have a little lie in but don't stay in bed late every single day
2. Go outside for a walk, even if it's only 20 minutes to and from the shops - just get some fresh air
3. Read - travel brochures (to find out about the free things or plan things to do that are a wise expenditure), books, magazines
4. Download (if you have an iPad/tablet or make the most of the TV rooms most hostels have) - films, TV shows take up time
5. Don't try and do EVERYTHING all in one day - it may sound boring but if you have two loads of washing to do, a food and a facetime/skype date with your loved ones back home, eke it out over a few days.
6. Socialise with those in your hostel
7. Buy yourself a little something - even if it's only a cup of tea
8. Plan your next move - be it a new trip or a game plan for your next job - I return to Australia towards the end of May and have already started job hunting and planning out the last few months of my stay.

And I simply blog. Sometimes when you have so much going on, even if it's just long weeks at work and making the most of two days off, blogging often moves it's way down the priority list. I'm thoroughly enjoying being able to blog freely...and I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing that boyfriend of mine everyday.


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  1. Totally understand all of this, I always plan to just do one thing on a to do list when visiting and just take my time- that way it keeps me busy but doesn't cost too much and leaves time to wonder off a little, and get the washing done when you get back!x