Thursday, 22 May 2014

TRAVEL: When is it time to go home?

And no, I'm not talking about putting that Mojito to one side and hailing a cab.
Travelling is a funny thing. As I'm nearing the 9 month mark since departing from Birmingham airport to set off on my adventure, I'm finding myself thinking more and more - when is it time to pack up that backpack and head home?

I love travelling, backpacking, seeing new things, experiencing different ways of life, and let's face it, lazing and laying in the sunshine. I hand wrote this from several thousand feet on the plane from Auckland back to Melbourne. Filled with no anticipation and warmth, only with a sadness due to leaving the one I love, leaving a month of laughter and not having to worry about working of setting an alarm. Melbourne means going back to my old job, colder weather as Autumn becomes winter...I love Melbourne, it has felt like home but as I left my boyfriend, I also left a big chunk of my heart at Auckland Interational Airport. I felt like my want to travel got on that plane to LAX with him. I want to continue backpacking, but financially it isn't plausible right now. I'm currently crashing at friends house, back at work, searching for a second job and feeling like I've lost my right arm.
Here's to me wishing for that money tree or a magic carpet to get me to Fiji or the US or to see Uluru.
I think I've answered my own question really - when you find more reasons to go than to stay, you'll know. And, when your family need you but you're in a totally different hemisphere and can't comfort them.
To continue my adventures I need to save. My heart is split between my home in Forest Town and that boy of mine that's 15 hours behind (hashtag time difference problems)
Plan - head home, save and plan my next adventure (either New Zealand or South America in 2015 and Morocco before that!)
My Australian dream isn't over but I've got a case of 'itchy feet' and the need to have a little change.
Watch this space 

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