Wednesday, 14 May 2014

TRAVEL: Yamba and Byron Bay

I took the lead with the driving from the Big Banana to Byron, via the beautiful Yamba - very weird knowing I was driving a huge five person campervan but a great drive and I can't believe I've not owned an automatic before!

We stopped off for lunch at the beautiful Pippi Beach...

The view was amazing as you can see and it was lovely to be able to spend an hour here.

This was the luxury of the campervan - moving on to a new place as often as we wanted and being able to stop off spontaneously at beautiful places like Pippi.

From Yamba we drove to Byron Bay - the place I was most excited about.

We arrived and I was already excited - hippy/surfer vibes with the beautiful beach, tie dye, bare foot and carefree people floating about (not literally, of course) - HEAVEN.

Unfortunately we couldn't get in at the Arts Factory (Byrons's must-stay) so opted for The Tourist Vilage a little further out. It wasnt ideal for us; a very dark half an hour walk along a fast road into the town. We went Coco's an indulged in copious amounts of cocktail jugs and a dance. The walk home was particularly horrible - we bumped into a dark shadow along the dark route home, a dog we were convinced was a wolf...Funny now but not so much at the time!

We woke up the next morning as early as possible and our way to the Arts Factory - we were staying there that night, even if we had to beg! We got in, thankfully and had a quick dip in the pool. The Arts Factory is a perfect reflection of Byron, relaxed, hippy/surfy, friendly and exactly the place you want to be staying. It hosts a number of dorms but also the fun, quirky option of staying in a tipi, something I would definitely do next time!

After our dip in the pool, we had a stroll into town for an afternoon on the beach; perfect! The beach was full of people and the sea full of surfers. I could watch people surf for hours; it absolutely fascinates me and I am so jealous that haven't surfed nearly as much as I wanted to while over here.

After a few hours down at the beach we headed to the Beach Hotel for a cider and an hour out of the sunshine. It went down a treat...

That evening the Arts Factory hosted a talent show, and not just any talent with actual talent. We expected a few joke acts or ones not slightly up to par but everybody that entered was super talented! That night we ventured to Cheeky Monkeys, well worth going to - cheap drinks, dancing on the tables and a popular Byron hotspot. From there we went to Woody's, decorated in a surf shack style with a relaxed vibe. Unfortunately for us, everywhere was a bit quieter than we had anticipated. We headed back to the Arts Factory and enjoyed a few more drinks there, chatting and laughing the night away.

I could have stayed in Byron for weeks; I love the atmosphere, the people, the beach - it was and still remains my favourite place I have visited in Australia so far.

I'll be back one day soon!


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