Saturday, 2 August 2014

ATE AT: Les Olives Tapas Bar, Northampton

I haven't really said a great deal until now, purely because I don't like to jinx things BUT I am soon to be moving to Northampton. Me being me - I am already hunting for the best places to tickle my taste buds.

Thursday night was date night, so let me introduce you to Les Olives.
Source: Les Olives 

I LOVE Tapas. It's probably one of my favourite food related things.
Les Olives didn't disappoint.

We started off with a cheeky San Miguel - it was a very hot evening and this went down a treat.

Scouring the menu - sectioned into Starters, Meat, Fish, Vegetarian - we picked two from each main section.

Aoili and bread to start - delicious (not pictured as we ate it too quickly! I really need to stop being so greedy and take some proper pictures for you guys!)

From Top Left to Bottom Right;
Gambas Les Olives - Pan fried tiger prawns with hot paprika, garlic, rosemary & roasted cherry tomatoes
Salteado de Pez Espada con Tomantinos - Swordfish with roasted tomatoes, coriander, garlic & butter
Morcilla Les Olives - Chorizo with chargrilled red peppers, green beans and red onions
Parrillada de Calabazas -Courgette and butternut squash with oregano, goats cheese and garlic oil
Pato con Albaricoque - Duck breast marinated with sage & garlic, pan fried with plums, red currant and honey
Cuscus con Eneldo - Couscous with red onions, cucumber, olives, dill & feta cheese

Honest opinion? The meat and fish dishes were beautiful - especially the chorizo (always a favourite of mine) and the duck. The flavours of the duck with the plum, garlic and currant were perfect.

The couscous and the courgette/squash - disappointing. The couscous didn't have a good flavour and although the courgette and squash was fairly tasty, it was still a little bland and, in my opinion, a bit of a poor choice on an otherwise lovely tapas menu.

The service was fantastic and the atmosphere too - a singer and Spanish guitarist played throughout the duration of our meal providing a really authentic and relaxed vibe to the place.

I would definitely recommend the place and had it not been for the poor veggie choices, the meal would have been absolutely perfect. Next time, stick to the traditional tapas!

A little advise - we have been trying to get in for the past three or four weeks and had to resort to going on a Thursday evening - if you're going, make sure you book in advance!


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