Sunday, 14 September 2014

LET'S TALK: Girl Code

Whenever I think of 'Girl Code', is that even a term?, I think of Mean Girls straight away. You know, the scene where Regina goes 'Oh my god, I love your skirt, Where did you get it?' then completely slates it...oh and the scene where Cady is told Aaron Samuels is totally off limits...that's what I mean by Girl Code.

Girl's seem to have these unwritten rules and female relationships have a lot of unspoken do's and don't's. One that really springs to mind, one myself, friends, friends of friends and even celebrities have gone through - girls overstepping the boundaries and trying to make a move, whether verbal or physical, on somebody else's boyfriend. And better still, these boyfriends adhering to it.

Did I miss something? When did it become okay for girls to do this to one another? (really feel like I keep unintentionally quoting Mean Girls....) I appreciate a lot of people are of the mindset 'everybody for themselves' but we should all be looking out for one another. After all, I believe karma is 'a thing' and good things do happen to good people. 

If you follow me on Twitter, you will see today that I retweeted this video with words from inspirational women. I am by no means a feminist but, in the words of Lily Allen, it's hard out here (for a bitch)...but really, it is. My issue, why make it more difficult? Why fight against one another?

Yes, not everybody in this world gets along BUT why do these things to one another in such disrespectful and dishonourable ways. Life is hard enough without burning bridges.

I feel like the 'she doesn't even go here' girl, wanting rainbows and everybody to be happy but nothing frustrates me more than lack of respect or lack of morals - yes, we all make mistakes or bad choices at some point during our lives but at some point, you have to step up, be an adult and get your shit together. You see so much of it in everyday life and in the media - Kelly Brooke for example, known more for her relationships and the idiots that have hurt her so publicly - but behind that idiot, is often a girl who has encouraged him or agreed.

Lauren Paul (aka Jessie from Breaking Bad's wife) and Molly Thompson created the Kind Campaign - a documentary and school programme raising awareness for the negative and long lasting effects of bullying, specifically between girls. This movement is the kind of thing women should be doing for one another - not making life more difficult.

I suppose this post is one for myself, my friends, friends of friends, my readers that have been scorned by another girl at some point during their lives, not even just in the sense of relationships, and also so many recent media stories have brought this issue to my attention.

After all, the Spice Girls believed in Girl Power, look at Queen B singing about female empowerment - why can't all of us think that way too?



  1. So true! Our friendships are important and we certainly need our girlfriends! And even if we aren't friends, that doesn't mean we should be at war with each other. I've always related with the "She doesn't even go here" girl - She had it right.

    1. Couldn't agree more Alex. It's good to see that some of us are of the same opinion! xo

  2. I wrote a blog post about this the other day. You're so right! There's still so much hardship for women the world over, so why on earth are we fighting each other instead of fighting for fair treatment and equality?

    I've seen friends get bullied by other girls before (and always over a man who isn't even worth it!) and it makes me so incredibly mad!!! xx

    Little Miss Katy | Fun, Food & Fashion

    1. And me Katy! Women need to get it together and embrace girl power haha :) xx