Sunday, 21 September 2014

LIFE: Lately and Monthly Goals Update.

I can't say things lately have felt...easy. For weeks now I have been darting around, having little sleep and I really haven't felt like I know whether I am coming or going.

I have now moved to Northampton and tomorrow, I start my new job. It's safe to say that tonight - I'm a bundle of nerves. I think when you uproot and move somewhere new, just like when you move for uni, it is scary and you worry whether it's going to be the right thing for you or not. Unfortunately, I'm not moving for uni so I haven't got anybody else with me 'in the same boat'. Thankfully, the room is all decorated now, my things have all been able to fit and, purely for comforting myself, it really isn't far from home at all.

At the beginning of the month, I set myself some Monthly Goals. I decided on this because I'm forgetful, basically. Time flies by that quickly that it's so easy to lose track and by doing this, the smaller things I want to get done..well, I'm more conscious of actually doing them.

That said, I'm not sure I'm doing that well really...

- Yoga - 3 times a week
Failed so far - not being in one place for more than a couple of days has really taken it out of me and my yoga has slacked unfortunately.

- Blogging - at least 4-5 posts per week
So far I actually think I've managed to do this - I really do enjoy blogging but, again, lack of being in one place for long leaves me feeling completely disorganised.

- Life organisation - my room at home and my new Northampton space
My room at home looks very bare since moving a lot of my things here but it is finally a little more organised. My Northampton room is almost there.

- eBay clear out
The photographs have been taken but I am yet to post the items for sale

- Travel posts
None as of yet but it's in the pipeline...

- Walking
I've managed this and I'm really happy. When I've been at home it's been a little bit of a dog walk at least once a week.

- Forehead skin issue
I've been to the Chanel counter in Debenhams and spoken to somebody about this and been given something to try but we have decided it's either stress/lifestyle related or it's my skin adjusting to a completely different climate after travelling. She says it can take anywhere between 3 to 6 months for your skin to adjust, sometimes even longer.

- Cooking - 3 recipes and 1 bake per week
This has been done but actually blogging the recipes hasn't happened that often other than my delicious Plum Loaf (I've actually made three this past week and a half...) and a Tiger Prawn Curry.

- Sleep - at least 8 hours per night
I do not even know why I thought this would happen - if anything, I think my sleep pattern has probably become more sporadic than it has calm!

- Photographs - read up and learn a little more about achieving better photographs
I have actually been reading up recently on this but am yet to put the things I have learned to the test, apart from the photographs in my Plum Loaf recipe, using different backgrounds and props.

Hopefully I'll keep up with the goals I set myself, especially now I will be back in some sort of routine. Apart from working I'm not up to a great deal at the moment - a potential travelling friends meet up at the weekend, some family time for my Mum's birthday (which I'm excited for, living away from them is always hard - big baby still at 23!)

What are you all up to this week?



  1. I hope you're new job is going well so far lovely! <3 xxx

    1. Aw thank you Jennie - I'm really enjoying it so far! :) xx