Tuesday, 9 September 2014


While I was away travelling I got a little reflective (note: a lot and often) - it's funny the things distance does to you. One day I sat in my favourite cafe in Auckland, pondering over some pecan pie and a soy latte about how the smaller aspects of life really can make all the difference. I've seen posts like this on a few blogs over the years but think it's a really nice idea because things can get hectic sometimes and it's so easy to take a little happiness from the little things.


1. Cream knit...or any knit for that matter.
I am completely OTT with jumpers - I have drawers full of the things but there's something about cream knit or grey knit that I adore

2. Parcels
Without fail, I check for mail with my name on everyday. It's rare I tend to get a lot as email/twitter/facebook has made letters a thing of the past. When I get a parcel, well that's a whole different thing. Even the postman asks 'what have you ordered now?' with a wink!

3. Ice Cream
When Ed and I met, we started a tradition of 'dessert before dinner' and it's pretty much stuck. I have always loved ice cream but now it is somewhat of a regular occurrence in our lives now.

4. Early Rising
I love sleep. I love my bed. I love spending a whole day binge watching a good TV series. BUT I absolutely love waking up early and making the most of my day. Morning sunshine, especially in Autumn or Spring, is so beautiful and I hate missing on it. Winter, well, Winter can forget about it - dark mornings, dull days, dark evenings, cold - I would rather hibernate!

5. Sheffield
If there's anywhere I could live again, it would be Sheffield. The place is brilliant - beautiful antiques, quirky bars and cafes, great food, decent music scene, lovely vintage shop, friendly Northerners and one of my favourite things - Fancie cupcakes.

6. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
There's something I can't help but love when it comes to Lewis Carroll's stories and also the film adaptations. That world engrosses me, I even did my dissertation on it. I have a beautiful AIW/AAIW print in my bedroom that was a graduation present; it makes me smile everytime I look at it.

7. Perfume
I own an excessive amount of perfumes (looking up now I can see 12 bottles) but I love switching from day to day.

8. Bookshops
I've always been a bit of a book worm and enjoy getting lost in a library in a good book. Whilst I was away, Fremantle (in Perth) had some beautiful bookshops.

9. Laser Art
Rob Ryan specifically. Whilst living in Sheffield, we often ventured to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and I discovered Rob Ryan. His laser cut art is so pretty and so clever, considering the amount of time it takes. I have one his seasonal place but have always wanted one of his prints (instead of the little postcards I have put in frames - I still love these though!)

10. Mulberry leather
Yes, I adore Mulberry, it's no secret. The leather is phenomenal as many of you will be well aware. I wouldn't like to disclose just how many Mulberry bags I actually own, but lets just say I can't see my collection slowing down any time soon, or my mother's for that matter!


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