Friday, 31 October 2014


I used to do a 'feature' (of sorts) every Friday, 10 things, so anything that I was excited about over that week. I loved it and the only reason I really stopped was because of travelling, and well, everything made me happy while I was travelling! So I figured I would revamp it, bring it (all) back (to you) - anybody else a little excited of S-Club 7 reforming?

My Friday Five is going to be a mix over the weeks - things I'm excited about, things I've loved that week, random things I've seen and enjoyed. I also would love it if you guys would tell me five things you've been enjoying this week or are excited about for the coming week(s)!

Being enthusiastic about the gym
I've been really enjoying being back in the gym and getting stuck into daily workouts and classes. I feel like I've got real focus with it again. The post-gym feeling is leaving me feeling good.

Simple breakfast-esque dinners
I have always been a big lover of breakfast but nothing beats a breakfast dish for dinner. This week I've been enjoying poached eggs, asparagus, spinach and grilled tomatoes. A little bit of smoked mackerel has made an appearance too, something I've loved since I was little!

Keeping hydrated
I've been making a conscious effort lately to try and drink even more green tea and water than I usually would. I've found that it really keeps my head feeling clear, makes my skin so much better and it's making me feel, overall, much better.

George Ezra
I have had his debut album on repeat all week. It hasn't failed to keep me in a great mood and it's made tedious tasks at work seem a little bit easier. If you haven't already listened to his new album, you really much - his voice is beautiful. I've also downloaded Nick Mulvey's album; I've always been a fan but felt like it was so long since I had given his music a proper listen.

Monochrome Outfits
Over the past few months my obsession with Instagram has grown more and more - the foodies, fashionistas and bloggers that can be found on their make not only for great discoveries but also have allowed me to try new recipes and find new blogs to read. My biggest love of late - Monochrome. It's not secret that I'm a big fan of all black errthang but I'm loving the monochrome trend that's spreading like wildfire across Instagram at the moment. I recently bought the most beautiful dogtooth trousers from, can you believe it, F&F at Tesco. So much of the F&F range is incredible this season and I have bought so much from there recently!


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