Friday, 10 October 2014

LET'S TALK: Mental Health Awareness Week

Now, I'm not going to bang on and on about this...if you read regularly or know me personally, you will know by now that mental illness is an issue very close to my heart. Having suffered for many years; but years ago, I feel it wasn't acknowledged with enough severity or not enough support was out there. Obviously, mental health causes/support has been there BUT I think, only this year, has it really been prominent in the media and, only now, I feel people are taking it more seriously.

Youtube sensation Zoella has recently been announced as the Digital Ambassador for Mind, launching the #Don'tPanicButton initiative - a great way to get the issue of mental health spoken about from the younger generations to the older. I think it's a great use of her status online to give genuine advice, and also the reassurance that people aren't alone in having these problems.

Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day and upon taking to Twitter this morning, I was happy (if that's the right word?) to see all of the discussion going on regarding mental health sufferers or simply people supporting the rise of awareness and, I believe, making real progress on the matter.

Like I said, no rambling on with this one. I am just pleased to see the noticable difference in people's opinions towards people with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues - sometimes it can make you feel so isolated and it really makes a massive difference knowing people out there are becoming more understanding and educated about it - you don't feel like you have to have explanations or answers for people, with more awareness, it makes life a little easier.

It's not something to be embarrassed about - it takes great bravery to get out there and talk about it. And even if you're not at that point where you can discuss it with people, just knowing that you're aren't alone - well, take comfort in that.


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