Sunday, 5 October 2014

Monthly Goals: October

If you read my update this week, you'll know the last month hasn't gone quite as smoothly as my aim for 'September Goals' unfortunately followed suit. 

- Yoga (At least 3 times per week) - I have barely managed to practice yoga at all this month, which makes me very sad.

- Blog Posts (4-5 per week) - I was doing well with this but flagged towards the end

- Belongings  - DONE! all of my things finally sorted and organised!

- eBay clearout - photographs taken for everything but not on eBay yet

- Travel posts - drafts planned but need to post them

- Forehead skin issue - I went for a facial and spoke to a consultant and have tracked the problem (I think!) down to my daily face wash

- Walks - DONE! Once a week, even if it's a short walk

- Cooking (3 meals, 1 bake per week) - another thing I haven't done nearly as much as I had hoped

- 8 Hours Sleep - Again, fine for the first couple of weeks, but not great towards the end of the month

- Photograph Quality - I've read up a few posts and guides online so hoping to put those into practice when I finally get a little time.

I think that month I was maybe a little optimistic with 10 I've said time and time again, sometimes life just gets in the way. So this month, I'm thinking 5 is a better, more realistic number seeing as I am totally useless at sticking to too much! Ooops!

1. Technology Turn off - FAILED - I am too reliant on social media - be it through my laptop, iPhone, iPad...'people' say it's important to have a break from it before you sleep or your mind just doesn't switch off so I want to have a technology free zone from 10pm onwards at least Monday-Friday, even the weekend if I can get a grip of this - it's hard as a blogger; I'm constantly scouring for new posts, new blogs, tweets, blogger chats etc. Watch this space! And shout at me if you see me tweeting late into the night!

2. Yoga - once a week - DONE - TWICE A WEEK - Seeing as I haven't managed three, at least once would be nice to give me a little time out and to help me find that hour or so of calm in my working week.

3. Catch up with friends - DONE - I've managed to catch up in London this week and my best friend today but need to make sure I do it far more often.

4. Rejoin the gym and try and get there at least twice a week to start with - DONE - AT LEAST THREE TIMES A WEEK - I am one of those crazy people that actually enjoy going to the gym and love that post-workout buzz. My lack of routine lately has meant, after cancelling membership at my gym near my parents house, I haven't been able to rejoin.

5. Read one book per week - FAILED - The general theme of my life (and reflected in my posts) is lack of time lately so now things should be calming down a little, I want to get back into my love of reading and try and get through one book per week.

Have you got any goals for this month? 

Also, I'm sorry for posting this on the fifth day of the month but I have only just come home from a work event!


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