Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Feel Good Blogging Challenge: #4 10 Things Most People Don't Know About Me

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It's Day 4 already! Today's challenge - 10 things most people don't know about me.

This is a tricky one - I'm a pretty open book and being a lifestyle blogger, I tend to talk about all areas of my life, including the personal ones but I'll give it a whirl. Any of my readers, let me know 10 facts about you too - I love getting to know more about you all!

1. I want a sausage dog called Oscar
I've always loved Dauchshand's but even more so after seeing Sergio the Shoehunter at LFW this year. The Outnet put out a brilliant marketing strategy in the form of Sergio and seeing him in his little Burberry trench has probably made my whole year

2. I have 5 tattoos 
They're all fairly small ones but all signify something from a certain point in my life. I love tattoos and have plans for three more - one extension, one big one and a smaller one (plus so many more than I haven't thought of a spot for yet!)

3. I want to live by the sea
I grew up and lived in Nottingham until going to University and living in Sheffield for four years. After that I had a few weeks back home before setting off on a 9 month adventure around the world. I've always wanted to, but after seeing the beach/surfing culture in Australia, it's made me crave a little cottage near the sea even more. I can imagine the evenings curled up under a blanket in front of the logburner with Oscar snoozing on my knee...

4. I still love the OC and try to re-watch it all once a year
Laguna Beach, The Hills...all things I love because of the OC. You know what, they don't make TV shows like it anymore; I'm not sure if it was my age or my infatuation with Seth Cohen but it was a bloody good show and one I can watch and re-watch until I know each episode word for word.

5. Despite my want to see more of the world, have a successful career and go after my dreams...I really want to get married and have kids.
I still want to do all the 'oh do it while you're young' things and go off gallivanting, stay up until 4am laughing and joking and having those seriously deep conversations you have after several glasses of wine. I love my job and can really see this being the start of my career...and I have my whole life ahead of me to be an adult and to stay in every Friday night watching Strictly Come Dancing...but I guess I want to get married and have lots of little babies. I'm an only child, I have a small family and the realisation that I may one day have nobody (REAL TALK) terrifies me. I'm laughing as I type this as it sounds so dramatic but I like looking after people and I can't wait to have babies of my own to look after.

6. I'm not a big drinker
Because of my anxiety etc. I've never been good when it comes to alcohol - my tolerance is terrible. So if I do have a few drinks, it really doesn't agree with me. Thankfully, I'm learned over the years that if I don't want to or don't enjoy it, to just not do it.

7. I like being surrounded by people
It's not that I don't enjoy my own company - since I've moved, I absolutely love having time to myself to cook nice food, go to the gym, blog or read to my hearts content but I feel much better with good company.

8. I'm 23 going of 63
I like reading, Harry Potter, funny animal videos on the internet. Although I am interested in fashion, I am by no means fashionable. I am more likely to be found in my pyjamas, baking in the kitchen and watching a cheesey film than I am doing anything remotely sociable that a 20-something year old does.

9. I try and act like I've really got it together but, well, I really haven't
AND THAT'S OKAY!! I'm 23, I have at least another 7 years, AT LEAST, to get my shit together and figure things out. Our 20's are for making mistakes, learning from them, probably making them again and just trying to get to grips with who we are and what we want. I've just been through some massive life changes in the past few months and although I truly am's not been easy and I am still coming to terms with my new lifestyle.

10. I used to be really good at speaking Spanish
Unfortunately, used to be. I really want to go back to college/do a night course to pick up my language skills again. I believe it's such a brilliant skill to have and I'm annoyed with myself for not keeping it up!


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