Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Feel Good Blogging Challenge #7 - A Topic People Hold Strong Opinions About

It's Day 7 - THE FINAL DAY of The Feel Good Blogging Challenge - WOW, that's gone fast.

If you want to read from the beginning, then here you go:
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For Day 7, Alex wants a hot topic within our own industry or niche...something that people hold strong opinions about...and with that, she wants our personal opinion on the matter.

Well, I found it hard to pick something to write about but then I thought...as this is a BLOGGER challenge - why not talk about something we all do, a hot topic I'm sure we all have an opinion on - blogging, social media, how to market our own blogs, what are 'the best' topics to write about etc.

Let's face it - A LOT of people have an opinion on this - the more established bloggers with their thousands of followers are giving us their advice and the things that have helped them so hey, why not give my spin on it. I just want to point out - this is by no means me telling people how to blog, this isn't even me saying 'hey guys, my blog is successful and I'm telling you all how you should do it'...this is basically about me saying go out there, write about what you want to - the things that interest you, don't just blog for followers, blog for fun. After all, didn't we all start blogging because it was something we enjoyed? - talking about things that interest us, promoting our posts through Twitter and meeting some pretty cool people along the way - that's sure as hell why I started, and exactly why I'm still doing it.

Let me start from the beginning - I love a back story! - I started blogging when I graduated from University so I could continue my love of writing, cooking, travel and the little things I enjoy doing in day to day life. I said on day 1 and also in my hello page - I wanted this as a kind of online diary - the fact I actually have regular readers is a massive bonus (and one that still amazes me everyday and every time I post something on here).

The blogging community teamed with bloggers on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram - I'm not afraid to throw my hands up and say I absolutely love it. I have my friends - from school, uni, work, travelling and many other random encounters during my 23 years but my 'online friends' - the bloggers, the tweeters - these guys are inspiring.

One of my favourite bloggers/writers Laura at Superlatively Rude - wrote a post today about finding your people - the ones that are inspiring, the ones that just get you. Through blogging, something you're passionate about, chatting to people (aka. occasional stalking) over Twitter - this can lead to great friendships with people who love to blog, love to write and just get the person you are and the things you pour you heart out over on your own little corner of the internet.

So my point - we can all give our own advice about blogging, marketing your writing over social media, SEO, writing about topics that attract readers...but you know what - your blog, first and foremost, ought to be for yourself.

I completely understand - people want to be the next Zoella, the next Londoner - I'm not knocking them - these are women that are passionate about what they do, incredible at what they do and people we should look to for the advice given, the topics talked about and the latest trends but I think there should be a little less focus on what and who we should be, what we are meant to write about and how we ought to be marketing our writing or attracting followers.

Blogging is about enthusiasm; a love of the things personal to you - no matter how big or how small. It's about making these friends over Twitter, supporting each others posts if it's something we also love or enjoy. We've got a good community going on here, we all need to remember why we started out here and keep that in mind as the reason we're still going, writing about all the nitty gritty in our lives, giving our viewers countless pictures of what we had for dinner, talking about where we went at the weekend or what we did (even if it's laying in our Primark onesies binge watching Game of Thrones!)

Write about what YOU want to write about and ENJOY your blog.
It's true what I've read - if you are passionate about what you're writing about, it shows and your readers will see that.


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