Tuesday, 25 November 2014

ATE AT: Tom's Kitchen, Chelsea

Weekends, for me, mean food. Mostly breakfast... I LOVE eating out at new places as it is but when it's breakfast in Chelsea, well, that gets me a little overexcited.

I've recently started spending a lot of time in London because of work and various friends have moved/live down there so it gives me a good excuse to venture down and try some new places.

I've heard a lot about Tom's Kitchen (all good!) so thought it would be rude not to take the opportunity of a free weekend to venture to Chelsea for a lovely Sunday walk with a hearty breakfast beforehand.

There are several Tom's Kitchen's dotted about London and there's even one in Istanbul (which I will one day find an excuse to go to!) so you're spoilt for choice really.

We had a 10.30 reservation, which isn't too early on a Sunday but the streets of Chelsea appeared deserted and, upon entering TK, we realised why. Everybody else had obviously heard the same good things and had an ventured out for a spot of Sunday breakfast (or maybe brunch as well - weekend brunch begins from 11.30am).

Despite the fact I'm a fry-up kinda girl, I'm a little granola obsessed at the moment. I say obsessed, I mean really obsessed. I could eat it for every meal...

I opted for their INCREDIBLE homemade granola. No exaggeration. It was like an amazing version of Crunchy Nut granola full of oats, pecans and raisins - served with natural yoghurt and honey.

I also had a fruit salad as I was craving some morning goodness.

You know I'm a tad over enthusiastic about breakfast but seriously, LOOK AT IT. Delicious!

It truly is the nicest granola I have ever tasted and I even tried to recreate it at the weekend. Genuinely though, they need to sell it by the bucket load because I would not get fed up of breakfasting on that nutty goodness everyday!

Every meal I saw dished out looked beautiful - from the croissants to the full English.

I can assure you - you will not regret a visit to Tom's Kitchen.

I'm already looking forward to many more breakfasts (and brunches!) to come.



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