Friday, 14 November 2014


The weeks seem to absolutely fly by - I can't keep up with them! This week I've been a little under the weather but am starting to feel much better. It's been a very busy week at work but there are lots of exciting opportunities in the pipeline for 2015. I'm super happy it's Friday, despite the miserable and dark view out of my window right now!
This week's FFF:
Early nights - This week I've been getting plenty of sleep as I've been unwell and it's been exactly what I needed. There's something really satisfying about waking up the next morning, knowing you've had a good nights sleep.

Films - One of my monthly goals for November was a film a week - I've actually watched two this week and really enjoyed it. I'm normally way to fidgety to sit through anything over an hour long but I've felt exhausted so that's probably helped!

10k Run - My best friend has signed us up to do a 10k run in March and I'm actually excited about it. I managed to do 6k in 30 minutes at the gym the other night, which I feel is a decent start (or a massive flook!)

Christmas - I am SO excited for Christmas if you hadn't guessed from the first of my many lists and my joy at the Christmas adverts being shown. I'm going to see all the pretty London lights this weekend (and search for mulled wine!) and I know that will make me feel extra festive. I can't lie, I'm also looking forward to two weeks off work to do absolutely nothing, hooray!

Health Changes - I've been doing a lot of research into nutrition and diets (note: not dieting) and am finding it all so interesting (to the point I want to train to be a nutritionist so I can learn more!) and over the coming months I am going to adjust my diet so it's better for my body. I am lucky in the fact I eat very well 70-80% of the time but I want to look at what I'm eating. I'm considering a plant based diet but I'm not sure whether I could give up seafood! Watch this space.


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