Friday, 7 November 2014


Bonfire night - I went with my housemates to a local display which was actually free (and surprisingly good!) just goes to show, you pay £10+ for these big displays that aren't even that good but a local freebie is so much better. We weren't there too long because of the freezing cold weather but I love watching fireworks, they're so pretty! I realise Bonfire Night is a very English thing so if my International readers want to learn a little bit'a history, click here.

New Look clothes - I've been going into the NL near work a couple of times a week and I'm really impressed with their range, they've got a beautiful selection of tartan, some great polo and high necked tops, beautiful capes and they have some cute little stocking fillers in preparation for Christmas.

The drive to work - despot getting caught in traffic most days, the sun has been shining and I've had a great little playlist on (I may even post it on here this week) - it's put me in a great mood and made me feel so much more productive.

This weekend - I am so excited for this coming weekend. I'm heading up to Sheffield to catch up with some friends tomorrow evening, it's my best friends birthday night out on Saturday and Sunday I'm having a family day. Perfect weekend!

Having a half an hour of reading time each night - I feel like I have a much better sleep when i read right before bed instead of being glued to my iPad or on my phone.

Are there five positive things you've loved this week?


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