Saturday, 8 November 2014

LET'S TALK: Having an 'Off Day'

We all have days where we just feel really shitty - you know, the ones where we just want to hide under the duvet all day or to cry into our Domino's pizza for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Girls, we can blame our hormones - it happens. But sometimes, there's no reason. As well as having things that help me de-stress, there's also other was you can cope when you're having a bit of an off day. Yesterday, I had 'one of those days' - somebody pissed me off with something so tiny but it just put me in the worst mood and I had to make sure I didn't just get home from work, binge on Nutella (jar with spoon) and not do anything! (I actually managed a healthy dinner, 20 minutes in the gym and a yoga class - it lifted my mood so much!)

Here are the things I try and do when I'm faced with a bit of an 'off day':

1. Get up, shower, get dressed, do your hair and your face - obviously, if you're going out to work that day, you're likely to this anyway but if you're not - doing this can lift your mood that tiny bit. I find that nothing makes me feel worse than slobbing around in my pyjamas - no makeup, messy hair. If you 'face the day' with your usual routine, it can make sure a difference.

2. A bit of light exercise - I seriously feel like I'm preaching about exercise, healthy foods etc. these days but I cannot stress how much of a mood booster it is. I know when you're feeling a bit down in the dumps you might not feel like doing some exercise but even a few stresses or yoga positions can help.

3. Get some fresh air - Whether it's going out for a walk or getting wrapped up and sitting in your garden/your doorstep - fresh air clears your mind and I have found it to really help. On some of my off days (as an anxiety sufferer, you get your fair share!), pulling on my Barbour, some comfy shoes and heading out for a long dog walk with my Mum can be an instant lift in an otherwise grumpy or offish mind set.

4. Stay off Social Media - I know, this one sounds like a tricky one (we are living in the digital age..apparently) but nothing can make you feel crappier than flicking through everybody's highlight reel of their perfect lives on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook etc. I have said before that, of course, the majority wouldn't post online about how shocking they feel so all you get tends to be the super happy, super excited snippets - NOT what you want when you aren't feeling tip-top!

5. Have an early night - Sleep is a healer; it's a very good cure for many things. Without sleep, weight loss can be a struggle. Without sleep your skin can suffer. No sleep can mean a terrible effect on your moods. But most of all, our body just bloody needs it. I'm not saying you need to get in bed and sleep all day - I can often be quite grumpy if I oversleep and feel more tired than getting my usual amount of sleep (7-8 hours)

6. Just write the day off and think of tomorrow as a fresh start - I'm a planner and I often find it a bit of a struggle to take each day as it comes but I've definitely learned over the years that if you're having a really rubbish day or generally just feeling out of sorts, not only doing the above, but just thinking 'do you know what, today's been crap but I'm not letting that affect my tomorrow'.


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