Sunday, 16 November 2014

LOVING: Anne Faine Jewellery

As you know, I had such a good time at Best of Britannia, held at the Farmiloe Building. Stunning location, stunning products and the atmosphere was spot on.
I made a little discovery - something that made me really excited.
I am a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan (or Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland, to be precise). I have always loved children's books and films in a big way. Several projects I did at Uni involved children's literature and I did, not only a year long project to make my own children's book BUT I also did my dissertation on evil witches and queens - so think the Queen of Hearts, The White Witch. Think The Wizard of Oz and the Grimm Brothers stories. I absolutely loved it, I mean, what could be better than spending 8 months reading children's books and writing about them on an almost daily basis. Well for me, not much could be better.
This leads me on to my brilliant find - Anne Faine Jewellery.
Her beautiful handmade collection of bespoke pieces are hugely influenced by Alice in Wonderland and various other fairytales. If you read more on her website, you will instantly get a feel for her work ethic and her passion for the pieces she creates.

She not only designs AIW style pieces, but also quirky little characters - I particularly like the bear on bicycle pendent below.

The initial pieces are also stunning 1930's inspired lettering - I got the silver 'N' ring which I now wear everyday.

As well as the pieces themselves being beautiful, the vision she has for her pieces is complemented so well with the display frames/cases and props.

I'm not going to spoil it too much for you because you really should have a thorough look through the collection. The White Rabbit with the ruby stone ring is particularly beautiful!

The best bit apart from the jewellery? The packaging. Anne really goes to town on her presentation. The boxes are individually designed with ribbons, buttons, AIW quotes in these delightful little bags with badges on them.

I would definitely recommend anybody who likes their jewellery a little quirky and a little bit of something out of the ordinary to have a look on Anne's online shop and her pieces are stocked in various places in the UK.
Please note: this is not a sponsored post - I just absolutely love what she does and wanted to make people aware that this kind of bespoke beauty is out there, waiting to be worn!

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