Monday, 3 November 2014

Monthly Goals: November

The fact it's already time for another Monthly Goals absolutely terrifies me - I mean, seriously, it doesn't feel like five minutes since I was waving goodbye to September. AND you know what that means, it's only like 7 more Friday's until Christmas. Yep, the festivities will soon be starting. Then it'll be 2015...mind BLOWN.

Aaaanyway, a recap of October's goals:

Technology turn off from 10pm - FAIL. I did well for about a week, then I remembered at various other points..but everything, no. I'm disappointed too but I've found recently that I've been more inspired to blog or I've wanted to check out some other blogs. So I suppose in failing this goal, I've enjoyed myself in creativity and enjoying other people's!

Yoga once a week -DONE! I have been absolutely loving getting back into Yoga. At the moment I'm attending two classes a week which is great and I'm looking into trying Pilates again too. As I'm so busy just lately, I've found having that time spent practicing yoga absolutely perfect to allow me to relax and switch off for a little while.

Catch up with friends - Certainly done this! I still have a few people I really want to try and see soon but that's in the pipeline for next month and also a few arrangements have already been made for December. 

Rejoin the gym and exercise twice a week - DONE! I'm going four days a week at the moment and managing a class most days too. Feel like I'm really doing well with this!

A book a week - Nope! Disappointed with this one but I did feel it was a little optimistic with my gym plans, a few later finishes for work and my blogging as well. I've got about half way through Lena Dunham's Not That Kind of Girl and I'm really enjoying it. Next I'm moving onto Laura from Superlatively Rude's book, I'm Fat (and still get laid!); verrrry excited for this one!

I'm fairly pleased with the progress I made, even though I only managed to complete 3 of 5 - I feel like the goal of reading has allowed me to fall back in love with laying in bed at night or spending a train journey down to London with a book in my hand, completely engrossed. My social media post-10pm ban may not have been a success but my lack of willpower has allowed me to let my creative juices flow!


Keep focus with the gym - I'm still aiming for three+ times per week but I also want to make sure I do my two yoga classes and try out a new class too.

Start my Christmas shopping - I'm lucky in the fact that I have no siblings and a small family so Christmas shopping isn't a huge deal for me BUT I want to get started early so I don't have to rush it as it gets closer to Christmas. It also means I have an excuse for a London trip because, well ya know, Christmas shopping has to be done in London...right? All I can see is Harrods...shhh!

Another clear out - I feel like this is such a repetitive thing for me but I really do have way too much stuff. Like WAY too much. I have clothes at my parents house, my house, my grandma's house, friends houses. I just need to condense it all in a big way because, if all goes to plan, and I finally do move somewhere of my own next year..I really do not want to be carting all of this stuff around! My biggest problem is I always think 'I don't really wear that now BUT it will come in handy in the future and I will definitely wear it one day'. No Natasha, you won't. You haven't worn it for at least 12 months - GET RID!

Keep a food diary - sounds like a boring one but, not only will this help me in my healthy lifestyle/fitness mission but I'm still have a lot of trouble with suspected food intolerance. I'm already about 80% I have a slight dairy intolerance but I have a bad feeling bread does funny things to me know too! I want to make sure I keep track of what I'm eating each day and try to pinpoint the things that don't make me feel so good. I hate how common food intolerances are now, it's so cruel!

As well as aiming for two books during the month, watch one film (I've not seen before) each week - my film knowledge is pretty dire. My friend Katie is like a film Guru; it's amazing, she's seen EVERYTHING! I feel like I'm either missing out or just pretty terrible and should try harder. A film a week, how hard can that be? Pretty hard for somebody that can just about sit through an hour long TV show. I can't promise they won't be either really old films or ridiculously girlie, but it's a start!



  1. Fab goals. I love the idea of watching a new film a week! I'm so bad for just re-watching ones I love and not trying new ones.

    I definitely need to get a head-start on my Christmas shopping as well! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I know - I'm shocking! I tend to rewatch how to lose a guy in 10 days and legally blonde on a loop aha! I watched Chef last weekend though and it was amazing! More like a documentary than a film. And, randomly, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle film...not as bad as I anticipated a film about ninja turtles could be!

      I know, it's such a drag getting started! I'm going to head down to London in a couple of weekends and get started I think. xo