Wednesday, 5 November 2014

THINKING ABOUT: Christmas is Coming!

I'm not usually one to get overly excited about Christmas - I love the build up; the Christmas markets, going to the pub for a few glasses of mulled wine, the general buzz of excitement for Santa coming but the actual day, dare I say it, is often an anticlimax. Now Mum, if you are reading this - I am not knocking the food and to both my Mum and Dad, I am by no means being ungrateful about the presents BUT you know what I mean, you spend a month prior to the day looking forward to it then it's over and done with so quickly. You kinda feel a bit cheated - 24+ days building up to it then BAM, it's gone until next year.

Last Christmas was a weird one for me..not bad weird, just...different. I was in Australia,  so it was 30+ degrees and it didn't feel like Christmas should feel - not for an English girl on the other side of the world, anyway! Christmas, for me, is always quiet and that's exactly how I like it; I'm an only child with a small family and, until now, I guess I haven't always appreciated that because you want to be surrounded by a huge family - cousins, siblings - and having never had that, I've always felt I was missing out.

Being in Australia last year, I seriously missed having an English Christmas with my family so, this year, I am ridiculously excited!

AND, I'm still like a child...I still write a Christmas list (laugh away, I'm laughing as I type this!) but rather than sending it to Santa, it gets emailed to my family! #onlychildsyndrome - not only do I write a Christmas list still, at 23 (definitely something I should be embarrassed about?) - I also start it in November...yep, that's correct. It is now 5th November and I'm writing my list...

Here is the beginning of my Christmas wants - and yes, this is only the beginning...


Alex Monroe Daisy Necklace // Vivienne Westwood Melissa Tartan Chelsea Boots // Kikki K 2015 Diary // Silver Bamix //You Look Lovely Today Makeup Bag // Aspinal of London Saddle Bag in Nubuck

I'm kinda getting to that age now where all I really want is a mix of kitchen gadgets, homeware and the odd piece of jewellery/bags (I say getting to...the homeware/kitchenware obsession has been strong for a few years now - last year my presents included a beautiful set of vintage style kitchen scales and a new slow cooker). 

The list will no doubt grow, I decide at the drop of a hat how desperate I am for things! So watch this space.

Is there anything you know you want for Christmas already this year?


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