Monday, 10 November 2014

TRAVEL: Surfer's Paradise

I've been really, really slack with my travel posts after my campervan trip - and I had planned on getting everything blogged about when I returned to England but, truth is, I think I'm trying not to think about it because it makes me miss Australia and travelling life. My last post was about Minyon Falls and Nimbin, which honestly feels like forever ago. Here's a recap of my route and if you flick back to around February time (archive at the bottom of the page) you can start from the beginning - I am planning to get a fully fledged travel section together before Christmas and also do a few throwback posts from holidays I've loved over the years.

I wrote the majority whilst I was on the road so they're all an accurate little diary entry of goings on...well, the 'acceptable to publish' goings on.

After a longer journey than hoped for, full of rain, fog, detours and getting a bit lost, we made it to Surfers Paradise.

We treated ourselves to Main Beach Tourist Village, a campsite with power and good facilities, right on the beach front. After the day we'd had and the drive, we were all pretty shattered. We decided to have a walk along the beach, grabbed some snacks from the local 7/11 and watched a film together. We went to bed all hoping for much better weather the next day.

Our hopes and prayers were not answered - overcast morning, followed by rain but we did get a tiny bit of sun. Surfers was not living up to its name for us.

We still headed to the beach, opting for a walk rather than a tanning session. We walked around the shops for a while and saw what Surfers had to offer. Given better weather, I know we would have felt a lot more love for the place. The beach with its background of high rise buildings was fascinating to look at, most people that have tried to put us off Surfers did so for this reason. It isnt like Byron, its more touristy, its got its high rise, beach front apartments, designer shops and is built for a more tourist/holiday market. All the same, I quite liked it. I like a place with nice restaurants and the option of shopping, beach days, watersports and bars for a few laid back drinks.

The rain led us to the Surf Cafe. Beers and smoothies kept us there for quite some time, looking over the rainy beach...still enjoying the view even if the weather wasnt there with us in spirit.

We barbecued that evening, got ready and headed out to Sin City for Girls Night - which meant free entry, free drinks 9-12 and R&B night. Not particularly my scene (sorry for my complaining of the last two posts) but we had a fun night dancing to the latest mainstream 'hits'. I didn't particularly enjoy the club itself - creepy, seedy men obviously there to take full advantage of the male to female ratio of Girls Night.I feel let down by the Surfers night life but I know it is because we didnt check out the right places. So dont let this put you off, just avoid Sin City.

I would go to Surfers again, probably staying in a rented apartment overlooking the beach for more of a holiday than a two night stop over. I would go here to indulge in all of the lovely restaurants I saw, particularly Longboard (which looked GREAT - vibe and food wise), to surf, to shop and to get a bit of R&R.


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