Thursday, 6 November 2014

Unorganised Chaos: A Social Media Update

I spend a BIG chunk of my life engrossed in social media! True story! I'm back in Marketing and Events with my new job and, as part of the role, I blog and do the bulk of the social stuff for my company - so I have no excuse but to be glued to our social media sites all day. There could be worse things in life! 

I am a huge fan of Instagram and follow a really large number of people - if nice food, nice clothes or beautiful photography is posted - I'll click that follow button.

I've recently set up a blog Facebook page - I was really sceptical about doing this - not only because my following isn't exactly huge (which really doesn't matter because I am astounded by the number of followers I have already and the number of page views I receive each day) but also because I have always been shy about telling people that have know me pre-Unorganised Chaos that I blog. I'm very honest on my blog and although I don't keep secrets (ever - I'm a dreadful secret keeper and I don't see the point anyway!) I suppose a lot of people that I have on my personal Facebook would be either surprised what I've written or just disinterested. Gosh I ramble - but yeah, that's the reason for my UC Facebook Page.

Twitter - I LIVE on Twitter. No exaggeration. Although I love Instagram, Twitter is by far my favourite social platform. I've made so many e-friends through having Twitter (blogger chats, friends of friends, blogger help and feedback etc.) I LOVE IT. Next month, I'm going to my first blogger meet up and couldn't be more excited - all of that, thanks to Twitter (and Emily, who I know from my uni days!) I have had the terrible habit lately of following a ton of new people on Twitter but forgetting to follow their Instagram/Bloglovin' accounts - so PLEASE, if I post on Twitter about any of this (or even if I don't) - send me your links! I love having new blogs to read, Instagram accounts to stalk look at. I find so many bloggers so inspiring so it's so nice to 'meet' or be introduced to new ones that I haven't yet discovered.

I suppose this a bit of a random post really - but I just wanted to get it out there that I am grateful to everybody that follows me and that I've got to know through blogging. Not only that, I like to find new blogs to read etc. as well - so don't be shy!


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